Ride The Ranger Winds
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I have read "Ride the Ranger Winds" twice.  There's no denying that "Richard" tells a good story.  He has drawn interesting characters and put them into an intriguing plot with numerous subplots, cleverly intertwined, and, He has done this in a way that makes you care about these folks.  They aren't just names with a little physical description, but people.  There's love, implied sex, history of Texas and the Texas Rangers just after the Civil War, the geography of the Texas Hill Country, West Texas and the Valley coupled with violence, gunplay, pistol whipping and bloodshed.  There are Cowboys and Indians, Lawmen and outlaws, good guys and bad guys along with farm girls and dancehall floozies.

From what I can tell, Richard did a lot of work to ensure the book's historical and geographical accuracy, and I liked that.  It has a bit of a Larry McMurtry flavor, and that ain't a bad thing at all.  This guy from "Archer City" has done pretty well.  All in all, it's a damn good read.

Sam Meals


Ride the Ranger Winds is an exciting, action-packed novel showing how justice was served in the early days of Texas by the Texas Rangers.  The novel has a great storyline and the action never ends moving from one exciting scene into another.  The characters are realistic and heroic.  I really enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to a sequel.  Congratulations on a great work.

Judge Richard Jackson


I have always been fascinated by stories of the old west.  Growing up in south Texas there was no shortage of real cowboys and the tales they would tell.  I was introduced to Louis L'Amour western books at the age of ten and by my late teens had read every book he had ever written.  I tried reading other western authors but they just did not compare.  Work demands and family responsibilities kept me from having the time to read westerns until now.  I started reading Ride the Ranger Winds and was immediately captivated by the story and the characters.  I lost a lot of sleep because I just could not put the book down.  The attention to detail and the description of the events made me feel like I was there.  I am a tough critic when it comes to western authors and this book more than lived up to my expectations.  I could hardly wait to get a copy of Ranger Winds Ride On and see what would happen to my favorite characters.  I read the sequel in four nights and was equally impressed with it.  The Texas Rangers were a huge part of history and one of my favorite topics.  The Rangers that tamed the old west were legendary and E. Richard Womack has brought them back to life in his books.  I look forward to reading any and all future books in this series.

 D. Michael Miller, D.D.S.


Thank you for writing the 3 books series, Ranger Winds and sharing them with me.  After reading all three of the books, I found them to be enjoyable, interesting and attention holding especially the third book of the series. 

I have read several other Texas Ranger based books and I feel your books were as interesting and action packed as any of the others I have read. 

I would recommend this series of books to anyone who may have an interst in the daily lives and exploits of the Texas Rangers during the time following the Civil War.  Again thank you and good luck in your future endeavors.

Bob Duncan - Flatonia, Texas