Ride The Ranger Winds
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E. Richard Womack, author of Ride the Ranger Winds

Born Emmett Richard McFarland, July 20, 1940 in Bowie, Montague County, Texas, his last name, due to an adoption, was changed to Womack. He lived with his Great Grand-dad, John Joseph Fox until he was nine years old. He was raised in the country in an old home place with no running water. It had outside facilities and lanterns were used in the house after dark. John Joseph was born in 1872 and cowboyed most of his younger life. His many tales of the cowboy days exposed Richard to the ways and honor of the western cowboy that Richard never forgot. His Grand-dad, Laughlin Fox, owned a team of mules and worked on the railroad with a Fresno building track. Laughlin died when he was twenty-one years old. His body was loaded in a wagon and his team of mules pulled the wagon nine miles to his burial cite in the Montague County Cemetery. Richard moved to Fort Worth, Texas after the death of his Grand-dad and was reunited with his mother. They lived on Fort Worth's north side where the stockyards were still active; much of his time was spent in the area. Shortly after moving to Forth Worth, Richard was stricken with the dreaded disease of the time, Polio. Through tough determination learned as a boy, he fought and then overcame that setback. Later, after graduating from high school, Richard started to work as a helper with an outdoor advertising company. Working through the ranks, and learning the trade, he left the company and started his own outdoor advertising service company, Media Display, servicing billboard advertising companies throughout South Texas. Under Richard's guidance and knowledge, the company flourished and is still operating today. Perhaps, due to his respect for Native Americans, Richard's favorite pastime is the aforementioned sport of archery. As a hunter, Richard has harvested over 100 Whitetail Deer as well as Elk, Turkey and other wild game. He has also harvested non-game animals including: Feral hogs, Javalina's and varmints. His mastery in the ancient art, as well as determination gained from his bout with Polio, is further demonstrated by accomplishments in competitive Target Archery. To date Richard has amassed State, Sectional (4 states inclusive), National and World Championships which include, Four State Indoor, Five State Outdoor, Five Sectional Indoor & Outdoor, One National Indoor & Two National Outdoor and One World Indoor and Two World Outdoor, for a total of twenty-five Championship Titles. Additionally, as of October 1, 2008, Richard still held the National Field Archery Associations National Record for the Outdoor "Animal Round" in the Senior Male Barebow Division. This novel, Richard's first, reflects on the activities in Texas, especially the Texas Rangers, during the middle to late 1800's.