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Ranger Winds, The Last Ride

The final book of the trilogy, 'Ranger Winds, The New Breed' is in production. 

I'm E. Richard Womack, author of Ride the Ranger Winds.

About my latest book, Ride the Ranger Winds

From barroom brawls to Main Street shootouts, Ride the Ranger Winds offers non-stop action of true to life Texas Rangers.

From Captain Beasley to Laughlin McFarland and all the other Ranger Recruits, their one common denominator was their own personal integrity and straight forward approach to the dangerous life on the frontier.

See how the author grasps the savagery of the times in the Ranger's raw dealings with murderers, rapists, cattle rustlers, outlaws and Indians. In an era with little, or no, political influence, the action is sometimes brutal and crude.

Intertwined with the perils of the untamed west, romance is incorporated into the daily lives of the characters. Like mythical sailors with a girl in every port, the Rangers had their romantic interludes while on the trail of desperados.

Follow Laughlin as he grapples with his life on the trail and his decision whether to marry Melissa and quit the Rangers, or continue his dangerous life on the Range.......Does he find an acceptable compromise?

Excerts From The Book

Oral and Laughlin walked into the saloon and went directly to the table where Wes was sitting. Laughlin said, "Hello Wes, we're going to sit and visit with you for a spell."

Wes looked at Laughlin and said, "I know who you are, you're McFarland, Ranger McFarland."

Laughlin said, "That's right. Let's get straight to the point. Why are you here? What do you want?" "Ranger, I don't want any trouble", said Wes, "I'm just here to visit my old friend the 'Widowmakers' grave and pay my respects." Laughlin replied, "You've been here three days, you've had plenty of time. I don't want you here in the morning when the sun comes up."

"Why Ranger, that's downright unfriendly of you," uttered Lockhart. Then he added, "Sheriff Fox, this is your town, do you want me out? Can't you take care of the town any longer, have to get the Rangers here to hold your hand?" Wes snickered and lifted his whiskey glass up to his mouth to take a drink. When the glass touched his lips Oral hit the bottom of the glass with a hard right hand. The glass broke when it hit his teeth breaking off two of his lower front teeth and one upper front tooth. The broken glass cut his lip. His tongue and the inside of his mouth had a deep gash. Blood was pouring out of his mouth. Laughlin slammed Wes' head to the table and held it down while Oral took away his gun. Blood was still flowing when Wes was allowed to raise his head.

McFarland looked into his eyes and said, "Mister don't get cute with a Texas Ranger and don't you ever show disrespect to this man." Then with a stern look. Laughlin continued, "He can devour you, you are nothing compared to what he's faced. Be glad he's older and has mellowed some because if he hadn't we would be taking you to visit your friend alright, in a box.

Make your arrest Oral; lock him up. I'll go get Doctor Milles. Doc may not want to sew him up." Then he chuckled and added, "Hell, he might let him bleed to death."

Laughlin went to the restaurant and sat down at the table Melissa had set for them. She asked, "How is Oral? Did you enjoy your visit? "Oh yea", he answered, "Oral's a good man, a lot of fun to be around, keeps you entertained."